• Alexandria, VA, USA

Providing Translation Services In Upto 60 Different Languages

We provide translation services for:
  • Patent Applications
  • Patents
  • Office Actions
  • Power of attorney
  • Oath or Declaration
  • Prior Art
  • Abstracts
  • Claims Only
  • Patent Litigation Documents

The translations of legal and patent documents using foreign associates incur significant direct and indirect expenses.

Our extensive panel of qualified translators with technical know-how and expertise in native language translation enables us to provide certified patent, legal and technical translations for direct national filing, PCT national phase entry and/or EP validation.

Our team of Project Managers and Linguists allows us to translate in 60 different languages including, but not limited to: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Brazilian. Our experienced native language patent translators ensure that style, industry-specific terminology and formatting requirements for the intellectual property offices are met.


60 Languages
Cost efficient and Timely
Accurate Translation