Alexandria, VA, USA.

IP Simplified paralegals strive to cater to client needs effectively. Clients have the flexibility to quickly expand the paralegal workforce in order to complete all tasks in a timely manner. Clients get reliable and experienced paralegals without the hassle of continuously needing to hire new paralegals.

Our diverse array of paralegal support services include:
  • Drafting letters
  • File provisional, PCT, national and regional stage applications, divisional and continuation applications
  • File Examination Requests
  • Forward Letter Patents
  • Prepare and forward Powers of Attorney and Oath or Declaration
  • Record Assignments
  • Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) calculations
  • Report Office Actions, Notifications and Search Reports
  • Update and Maintain Docket Files
  • Prepare Estimates for patent related activities
  • Formal Document Preparation
  • Prepare and file responses to notices and amendments
  • Status Inquiries and Monitoring of Patent applications
  • Correspondence with WIPO, Patent Offices, Clients, and Foreign associates
  • Patent Proofreading
  • Draft, review, analyze and organize litigation documents
  • Monitoring status of patent applications
  • Prepare and maintain IDS


Experienced paralegals
Hire new paralegals
Complete tasks on time